A New Year, a new chance to get it together, get it going and get it right!

First off, we here at Heru Bookkeeping LLC would like to wish a Happy New Year full of prosperity, abundance, joy, success and love to everyone who stumbles onto this blog! As a general rule in this blog, I try to never make references to the date so that my posts can be relevant whenever they are read. But after such a tumultuous 2020, a year that devastated so many financially and spiritually, it’s only right to finally put that year in the rear view, and joyfully proclaim that 2021 is now upon us!  Of course, a new year represents a new beginning, a blank slate, new opportunities, and a fresh chance to analyze what went wrong in the previous year, and most importantly, either begin to take the chance to fix the previous years issues, or simply wash our hands and move on to bigger and better things, whichever is more appropriate.

2020 was such a traumatizing year for so many, for many different reasons such as the global pandemic which continues to wreak havoc worldwide, as well as other reasons which are beyond the scope of this blog.  But although 2020 sucking and 2021 being a very welcomed change is something that most people can agree on universally, a bit of reality is needed here. At the risk of coming off as a “Darryl Downer”, I must write something that is fairly obvious, but a bit sobering to those of us who are ecstatic to see 2020 end; if we do not “do the work”, and make whatever changes are necessary to what we can control, and take whatever may be the necessary steps to make 2021 appreciably better than 2020, then 2021 could possibly be more of the same.

Of course this applies to Heru Bookkeeping LLC, our clients, and most important to this article, our prospective clients.  2020 was one of the roughest years in memory for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Many businesses that started 2020 off thriving, are barely hanging on by a thread now, if not defunct to start off 2021.  But for those who were fortunate, industrious and resilient enough to still stand, now is the perfect time to make the moves to continue to weather the ongoing storm, and make your business into the brand of your dreams.  This may include making changes to how you keep track of what you own and what you owe, and your income and your expenses, i.e. hiring a professional, competent and highly engaged bookkeeper, who will work just as hard on the bookkeeping aspect of your business as you work for yourself and your brand.

Realistically, hiring a bookkeeper is just one way that you can possibly make 2021 better than the unanimously forgettable-at-best 2020.  Business owners, and people in general have many things on their plate in the middle of a global pandemic, such as keeping themselves and their families safe.  But getting and keeping your business’s finances in order has to be at the top of the list of things to focus on in 2021, if we are to make and keep our business profitable, as well as to get a clear picture of the value and overall health of our business.  So let’s make sure that we start 2021 off right and keep the important things in focus, first of all with the truly important things in life (family, health and safety), then with the businesses that we are working so hard to make into a smashing success. 2021 is our year, I can feel it!

Terrence Satchell

Heru Bookkeeping LLC

Published by Terrence Satchell

I am an bookkeeper, entrepreneur, music connoisseur, beatmaker/instrumental artist and writer out of Philadelphia, PA.

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