The Best Investment

“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade” – Ben Franklin

When one thinks of an investment, there are generally a few images that pop into the average person’s mind; Wall Street chaos, stocks, bonds and investment portfolios are among the most common. When one thinks about making an investment in their business, usually raw cash or other material items such as land, buildings, computers, vehicles and whatever is the necessary standard equipment for their particular line of business tends to come to mind. Of course all of these are worthwhile investments. But sometimes, the best investments are things that are not as visible, flashy, exciting or instantly gratifying, but are just as important.

Well kept books, as important as they are, may not be at the top of the list when business owners think of important tools that they need to invest in to be successful. But make no mistake about it, tidy, orderly books and a bookkeeper who can analyze the raw numbers are without a doubt a great tool for a business and its finances. Having access to accurate numbers for what you own (your assets), what you owe (liabilities), how much you’ve made, how much you’ve spent and how much you have invested in your company at the current time (equity), and being able to make intelligent business and financial decisions based on this data pays huge dividends, not only when it’s time to file taxes, but throughout the entire lifespan of your business.

As a big sports fan, I like to think of the relatively modern tool referred to as “analytics” or “advanced stats”, that many organizations all throughout sports use to measure performance and to get a competitive advantage over their competition, as very similar to the advantage that a 21st century bookkeeping professional can give to businesses.  Analytics are loosely defined as ,”the systematic computational analysis of data, statistics and information”.  This perfectly describes what the 21st century bookkeeper provides, as we not only actively keep your books and create your financial reports (which shows your stats), but a great 21st century bookkeeping professional is also skilled at analyzing the information and consulting with their client to plan forward, making a real difference in a company’s bottom line. 

The modern, forward thinking, and ultimately successful sports teams use analytics effectively to help them win big on the field.  In the same vein, serious, forward thinking and ultimately successful businesses use bookkeepers and accountants in the same way, helping them to save money, and to develop effective strategies to make more, i.e. winning big in your bank account.  Claim your competitive advantage and invest in a 21st century bookkeeping professional today!  I can guarantee that you not only won’t be disappointed, you will wonder what took you so long in the first place!

Email us at or call 267-314-7223 and get your free consultation today if you want to see the difference that hiring a serious, experienced professional can do for your business. Heru Bookkeeping LLC is dedicated to helping business win big!

Terrence Satchell

Heru Bookkeeping LLC

Published by Terrence Satchell

I am an bookkeeper, entrepreneur, music connoisseur, beatmaker/instrumental artist and writer out of Philadelphia, PA.

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