Bookkeeping: Creating order out of chaos

When you think of everything that a bookkeeper does for a business, many things come to mind.  Bookkeepers keep track of all income and expenses, classify transactions into the right accounts, create financial statements, advise, assist with payroll and help with tax preparation among other things.  These are the specific tasks that are a part of the regular daily/weekly/monthly life cycle of a bookkeeper.  But if one were to ask me to sum up what a bookkeeper does in one sentence or less, my best answer would be that bookkeepers simply create order out of chaos.

Generally if a company is in the market for a bookkeeper, it is because a problem has arisen that only someone that is a thorough, sharp eyed bookkeeper can fix.  These problems can either be “good problems” or situations that are less than ideal, but either way, a solution to their problem is needed. Perhaps the business is growing to a point where a business owner no longer has the time to effectively keep the books by themselves, and/or they simply can now afford to outsource the job.  These are “good problems”.  Or perhaps the business has never kept accurate books (or had any bookkeeping at all) before hiring a bookkeeper, which would require a massive clean up.  Maybe a business wasn’t happy with whomever previously had the job and would like someone more detailed or professional.  These situations are obviously less than ideal situations to be in for a small business.  

Whatever the reasons, generally bookkeepers are always stepping into a chaotic situation (to varying degrees). Whatever that situation may be, bookkeepers tend to take the ultimate pride in being problem solvers.  Providing value by contributing a calming presence and providing knowledgeable, astute and practical solutions to calm stressful situations, as well presenting those solutions in a relatively simple, easy to understand manner are the hallmarks of a good bookkeeper.  When there are questions that need to be answered about a company’s financial standing, a bookkeeper should have the answers on deck.  This demonstrates our dedication to providing maximum value, which is so important for both clients as well as for our company and for all bookkeepers.  

Simply understanding credits and debits, although crucial and fundamental to sound bookkeeping, is a relatively small part of the job of serving a business.  A great bookkeeper helps the business owner navigate through the difficult terrain that they are sure to come across when attempting to grow and scale a business.  A good bookkeeper is a partner in a sense, and a friend to the businesses in which they serve, taking complete ownership of the job that they are tasked with.  This is another way in which our stated purpose of providing maximum value reveals itself.  A great bookkeeper makes your business their priority.

Make that investment in a great bookkeeper who specializes and takes pleasure in serving and assisting business so that they are the best that they can be.  At Heru Bookkeeping, we put a huge premium on embodying the correct values in business, as well as going above and beyond to do the most thorough job possible. Contact Heru Bookkeeping, and let us create order out of chaos in no time!

Terrence Satchell

Heru Bookkeeping LLC

Heru Bookkeeping, LLC

Published by Terrence Satchell

I am an bookkeeper, entrepreneur, music connoisseur, beatmaker/instrumental artist and writer out of Philadelphia, PA.

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