Entrepreneurs, get rid of that “I can do it all myself” syndrome!

Being industrious, proactive, independent, hard working and (let’s be honest) having a fairly high opinion of one’s own abilities are tell-tale signs of the entrepreneurial type.  These are qualities that can be found in most business owners, as they would not have made the decision to set out on their own and start their own business in the first place without them.  However, there are traps that an entrepreneur can fall into because they possess these generally good qualities that can lead to less than ideal results.  A perfect, and very common example of this is what I refer to as the “I can do it all myself” syndrome.  

Although running a business will always be challenging, many of the day to day tasks that must be performed for a business to be successful can be seen as fairly mundane or even menial.  Of course this is not to say that these tasks are unimportant, as any task that must be performed in order for a business to be run smoothly is important.  These are usually tasks that beginning business owners generally have to do themselves, as many start their business either by themselves or with a very small group of people.  

However, as one’s business begins to grow, and the number of tasks that a business needs to be done also begins to grow, it becomes more and more inefficient for one or two people to, for instance, personally answer every email, while at the same time tending to their growing brand and focusing on activities that directly lead to growing their wealth. This is when the separation between businesses that are ready to grow into powerhouse brands for which the sky’s the limit, and businesses that have ceilings begins. 

Forward thinking business owners generally see this as an opportunity to expand, a chance to bring more people into the fold to help them manage and maintain their growing business while they focus on the things that will grow it further. On the other hand, the more cautious business owner simply sees this as more work that they have to do in order to maintain the business that they have built.  The problem with that way of thinking is summed up with this question; “if you spend most of your time simply maintaining your business, when will you have time to actually grow your business and by extension your wealth?” 

Bookkeeping is one of those activities in which many business owners falsely feel as though they can simply do themselves.  And while some who do their own bookkeeping do a passable enough job, it can be very unwise to take on that task without at least consulting with a professional bookkeeper, who is trained in that area and knows exactly what they are doing.  This is even more true in the situation of someone whose business is growing at a rapid pace.  At some point it simply makes more sense to trust a professional, who not only knows what they are doing, but specializes in all aspects of bookkeeping and takes pride in being the best.

Not only is the extra time saved that can go into, growing the business, vacationing with family or simply enjoying the fruits of your labor however you wish a direct benefit, but you also benefit from working with a professional who from doing the books and generating the financial statements, can then analyze the data and help form effective business strategies and solutions.  This has a direct impact on your profit by either saving you money or making you more money.  Having a sharp eyed bookkeeper also helps tremendously in organizing your records for tax purposes, so that everything is in order. By investing in a bookkeeper, a business owner turns a task that they do to simply maintain their business over into the hands of experts who help grow their business.

If you want to join the ranks of the forward thinking business owners who want to preserve and manage their time more efficiently while growing their business the intelligent way, then you have come to the right website!  Contact the talented and knowledgeable professionals at Heru Bookkeeping LLC at herubookkeeping@gmail.com or give us a call at (267) 314-7223 and let’s schedule a free consultation.  I can give a personal guarantee that you will not regret that decision and will see the benefits of making such a wise decision almost immediately.

Terrence Satchell

Heru Bookkeeping LLC

Published by Terrence Satchell

I am an bookkeeper, entrepreneur, music connoisseur, beatmaker/instrumental artist and writer out of Philadelphia, PA.

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