Establishing your brand! (Persistent and Consistent)

One of the most interesting things about attempting to run a successful business is getting more familiar with the concept of branding, and making your particular brand stand out and actually mean something. This is generally done through your actions within your business, as well as through clever marketing techniques. For me, branding is not just a name, logo, color scheme, and a slogan, but it is the overriding philosophy that you employ that makes your business unique.

The way that you connect and engage with customers and clients, whether they are ongoing clients/ customers that you have had for years or still in the prospect stage. Your willingness to provide maximum value and to go above and beyond to make sure that your clients are happy with your work. Your ability to project a sense of something bigger and more personal than a simple business relationship or a transaction. Your ability to inspire loyalty. These are all things that are very crucial to branding, and establishing a long term brand that lasts.

Of course the big challenge is finding out exactly how to go about establishing these things in the minds of those who you are trying to attract. As a business who is still trying to find their way, this is perhaps the biggest breakthrough that must take place if it is to become successful. The best way to establish a brand that has integrity is to be two things at all times: persistent and consistent!

Be persistent in understanding that long lasting brands that have integrity are not built in a matter of days or months, but sometimes over a period of several years and even decades. It is very important to be persistent in the sense of never quitting on yourself, or your brand (first and foremost), and never wavering from your ideals, even when it is the easier choice to do exactly that. There will always be moments where it would be easy and beneficial in the short term to go against your ideals and to do things that either you don’t agree with or you initially set out specifically not to do. There will be times when things are moving slower than you want and the temptation to fold will be there. It’s extremely important to hold firm and stay the course that you’ve set for yourself.

And you must be consistent in your ideals at all times. Once you begin to establish a certain (positive and productive) aesthetic or culture within your business, it is always best to stick with it so that when people see your logo and your colors, they know what it represents, and what to expect (hopefully nothing but the best!). and when they hear your voice or even see your promotional material, they know that what they hear and see is sincere and not just you trying to sell you something. As the popular saying goes, it’s important to “keep that same energy”, in good times and in bad times. Consistency is the cornerstone of trust, respect and in my view, building a powerhouse brand.

Terrence Satchell

Heru Bookkeeping LLC

Published by Terrence Satchell

I am an bookkeeper, entrepreneur, music connoisseur, beatmaker/instrumental artist and writer out of Philadelphia, PA.

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